Logos Biosystems collaborates on Biocompare’s, ‘Accelerating Cancer Research’ eBook.

April 27, 2023

Logos Biosystems collaborates on Biocompare’s, ‘Accelerating Cancer Research’ eBook.

Logos Biosystems has teamed up with some of the top names in the life science industry for the release of the annual cancer-related research eBook, produced by Biocompare.

The ‘Accelerating Cancer Research‘ eBook provides scientists and researchers practical, current, and useful research methodologies and applications which include trending topics, protocols, and tools aimed at advancing cancer research.

Logos Biosystems’ application note, ‘High Content Anti-Cancer Drug Screening Using Automated Cell Cycle Assay by the CELENA® X High Content Imaging System’, is included in the eBook and outlines how to monitor and analyze dose-dependent effects of anti-cancer drugs throughout the cell cycle process using the CELENA® X High Content Imaging System and its advanced Cell Analyzer software.

The CELENA® X High Content Imaging System, is an integrated high-content image acquisition and analysis system. Combined with the use of its Cell Analyzer software, the system can process images and data for quantitative analysis. Equipped with an onstage incubation system, it is capable of processing and analyzing all types of experiments under a variety of conditions (physiological and non-physiological).

Logos Biosystems, offers an entire portfolio of systems for cancer research and cancer-related research. This includes its popular LUNA™ Family of Automated Cell Counters, the X-CLARITY™ Tissue Clearing System and Reagents, and other systems meeting the needs of researchers and scientists today.

Biocompare is a peer-review resource for life sciences providing current information, product reviews, and new technologies.