Better Counts for Better Science.
Which cell counter is right for you?
Automated Cell Counter
Count cells like a boss. Because time is power.
Cell counting is a fundamental quality control procedure in research. It’s simple. It’s straightforward. But it’s also error-prone, time-consuming, and highly subjective. Our automated cell counters are equipped with high quality optics and sophisticated software to bring you cell concentration and viability data with incredible speed, accuracy, and reliability. It’s as simple as pressing COUNT.
Stop clicking. Just press count.
From PBMCs to bacteria
Our counters are compatible with multiple cell types.
Customizable protocols
Adjust cell detection parameters to count and detect specific cell types.
Advanced cluster analysis
Our advanced declustering algorithms detect individual cells in clusters.
Convenient workflow
Just prepare your sample and let our counters do the rest.
Onboard monitoring
Counted cells are tagged so you can immediately check your results.
Simple recordkeeping
Data can be printed directly or exported via USB drive.
The Standard For Accurate Cell Counting

With a growing emphasis on both inter- and intra-lab reproducibility in research, the seemingly simple act of getting accurate cell counts is now more important than ever. Our image-based automated cell counters act as your eyes, a microscope, image-analysis software, and a computer to produce consistently accurate and reliable cell counts. Our advanced declustering algorithms distinguish single cells in clusters or clumps. Even expensive flow cytometers cannot accurately count clumpy cells, registering each cluster as a single particle. Our cell counters produce accurate and reproducible cell counts with a great linearity and low technical variability.

The Lowest Costs. The Greatest Convenience.

Whether you use our disposable precision slides for increased convenience or our budget-friendly LUNA reusable slide, our cell counters deliver accurate and reliable counts every. single. time.

How Does It Work?
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