CELENA® S Digital Imaging System

Multicolor fluorescence imaging to data analysis in one device

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The CELENA® S Digital Imaging System makes capturing high resolution, publication-quality images a breeze. Don’t let its size fool you, the CELENA® S is equipped with advanced precision optics, a highly sensitive CMOS sensor, digitally controlled LED light sources with hard-coated fluorescence filters, and a computer with image analysis software. The sophisticated yet simple software supports multicolor fluorescence imaging, brightfield imaging, phase contrast imaging, live cell time lapse imaging, and Z-stack imaging.

Vibrant, Publication-Quality Images
Advanced precision optics and a highly sensitive camera allow you to capture high resolution, multi-channel fluorescence images.
Live Cell Time Lapse Imaging
Live cells can be imaged in time lapse mode in a precisely controlled environment. The images can be used to create a video with annotations.
Onboard Data Analysis
Choose from a variety of tools to analyze and annotate your images. Measurement data can be saved onboard or to a USB drive.
Z-Stack Imaging
Capture images of multiple focal planes in Z-stack mode. Images can be focus stacked to produce one image or combined into a video.
Cell Counting
Check cell concentration and viability in cell counter mode. The CELENA® S automatically adjusts light and focus for optimal results.
Interchangeable Filter Cubes And Objectives
12+ hard-coated LED fluorescence filtersInfinity-corrected objectives with a magnification range of 1.25-100X
Live Cell Imaging Made Simple With An Onstage Incubator

The CELENA® S onstage incubation system can be set up for a variety of live cell imaging experiments in physiological and non-physiological conditions. The gas mixer allows precise control over the composition, humidity, and temperature of the air. The temperature controller heats the plate and lid of the stage incubator separately, for increased control over the temperature of the system as well as preventing condensation formation.

The CELENA® S makes it easy to set up a time lapse imaging sequence for lengthy cell-based assays, as well as exporting images or creating time-lapse videos complete with annotations.

Versatile And Customizable For Your Cell Imaging Needs
Vessel Holder Selection Guide
A collection of vessel holders are available to accommodate various flasks, dishes, plates, and slides.
Vessel Holder Selection Guide
Objective Selection Guide
Our objectives provide excellent resolution, high contrast imaging, and color correction.
Objective Selection Guide
LED Filter Cube Selection Guide
Download our LED filter cube selection guide to find which filter cubes fit your needs the best.
LED Filter Cube Selection Guide
What Do Our Customers Have To Say?
Pedro Gomes

It is an essencial for every cell culture lab.
The equipment is very is to use to all its potential, with minimal training. It allows high resolution images of publishing quality.

Dental Medicine, U. Porto

Bin-na Shin

Great equipment. This microscope was excellent value and is simple to use. If you use a vibration isolation table, it is perfectly designed for eliminating the complexities of microscopy without compromise of performance and the Celena makes cell imaging gives optimum results. The Celena imaging system is just right for cell culture.

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Where The CELENA® S Has Been Cited

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CELENA® S Digital Imaging System
Installation Guide

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Onstage Incubation System for the CELENA® S
Installation Guide

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Automated Parfocality Correction with the CELENA® S
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Image gallery
BPAE cells imaged with the CELENA® S
Labeled with MitoTracker (green), phalloidin (red), and DAPI (blue)
BPAE cells imaged with the CELENA® S
Labeled with MitoTracker (green), phalloidin (red), and DAPI (blue)
BPAE cells imaged with the CELENA® S
Labeled with MitoTracker (green), phalloidin (red), and DAPI (blue)
BPAE cells imaged with the CELENA® S
Labeled with MitoTracker (red) and DAPI (blue)
Mouse large intestine imaged with the CELENA® S
Labeled with anti-SMA (green) and DAPI (blue)
Mouse large intestine imaged with the CELENA® S
Labeled with anti-SMA (green) and DAPI (blue)
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Ordering Information
Cat #ProductQty
CS20001CELENA® S Digital Imaging System1 unit
CS20002CELENA® S Digital Imaging System Starter Kit
– 4 Objectives
– 3 LED Filter Cubes
1 unit
I10520CS Stage Top Incubator [Tokai]1 set
I10501Universal Heating System [Ibidi]1 set
I10502Gas Incubation System for CO2 [Ibidi]1 set
I10503Gas Incubation System for CO2/O2 [Ibidi]1 set
I10201Universal Holder1 unit
I1020225 mm x 75 mm Slide Holder, Two Positions1 unit
I1020335 mm Cell Culture Dish Holder, Four Positions1 unit
I1020460 mm Cell Culture Dish Holder, Two Positions1 unit
I10205100 mm Cell Culture Dish Holder, One Position1 unit
I1020625 c㎡ Nunc T-25 Flask Holder, Two Positions1 unit
I1020775 c㎡ Nunc T-75 Flask Holder, One Position1 unit
I1020825 c㎡ BD/Greiner T-25 Flask Holder, Two Positions1 unit
I1020975 c㎡ BD/Greiner T-75 Flask Holder, One Position1 unit
I10210Glass Hemocytometer Holder, One Position1 unit
Imaging methodsEpifluorescence and transmitted light (brightfield and phase contrast)
IlluminationLED filter cubes with adjustable intensity (>50,000 hr life per filter cube)
Fluorescence channels3 fluorescence channels and 1 transmitted light channel
Objective turret5 positions
ObjectivesHigh quality long working distance (LWD) and coverslip-corrected; 1.25X-100X
Condenser47 mm LWD condenser; 3-positions with brightfield and phase contrast annuli
ComputerBuilt-in dual core CPU, 128 GB SSD internal storage
StageMechanical X/Y stage, motorized Z stage; accommodates an onstage incubator
LCD displayFull HD color LCD monitor, 1920 x 1080 pixels (not included)
Camera1.3 MP monochrome CMOS with 1280 x 1024 pixels
Images8 or 16-bit TIFF, JPG, BMP, or PNG
Dimensions (L x W x H)44 cm x 30 cm x 27 cm (17.3 x 11.6 x 10.6 in)
Weight20 kg (44 lb)