DeepLabel™ Antibody Staining Kit


DeepLabel™ Solution A is a permeabilization reagent that enhances antibody permeation. DeepLabel™ Solution B is an antibody dilution buffer that facilitates the antigen-antibody binding reaction. Unbound antibodies are efficiently removed by DeepLabel™ Washing Buffer. X-CLARITY™ Mounting Solution is a refractive index matching solution (RIMS) that minimizes photobleaching and preserves fluorescence signals. The refractive index (RI) of the solution is 1.460 at 25°C and is stable over a wide temperature range.

DeepLabel™ Antibody Staining Kit
DeepLabel™ Solution A 1 x 25 mL
DeepLabel™ Solution B 2 x 25 mL
DeepLabel™ Washing Buffer 1 x 250 mL
X-CLARITY™ Mounting Solution 1 x 25 mL

This product is for research use only. Please consult the material safety data sheet for information regarding hazards and safe handling practices. Additional information is available on our website at