Logos Biosystems Donates $5,200 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

November 15, 2019


Logos Biosystems announced that the company donated $5,200 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month today. Logos Biosystems committed to donate $80 for each LUNA-II Automated Cell Counter sold in the month of October 2019. Having exceeded the goal of 50 LUNA-II’s, Logos Biosystems donated $5,200 for the 65 sold last month.


Support breast cancer research with Logos Biosystems
LUNA-II Automated Cell Counter for Breast Cancer Awareness Month


“The LUNA-II is an essential tool in cancer research as it is capable of quantifying diverse cancer cell lines rapidly and accurately,” said JJ Ahn, Director of Sales and Marketing at Logos Biosystems. “This October, it is our privilege to use the profits from its sales to support more research through the efforts of the BCRF.”


The LUNA-II Automated Cell Counter brings cells into the sharpest focus, adjusts light levels, captures a high-resolution image, and analyzes the image to produce accurate cell count and viability data in as little as 15 seconds. Users can custom, cell-specific cell counting protocols or simply use the default counting protocol for most cell lines or a PBMC protocol optimized for human peripheral blood mononuclear cells. Live cells are tagged with green circles and dead cells are tagged with red circles, making it easy to verify the accuracy of each count. The LUNA-II sits comfortably in a cell culture hood or on a benchtop to fit seamlessly into a lab’s daily workflow.


Thank you letter from the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to Logos Biosystems for donating $5200 for October 2019 LUNA-II sales
Thank you letter from the BCRF



About the LUNA Family of Automated Cell Counters

The LUNA family of automated cell counters from Logos Biosystems are equipped with high quality optics and sophisticated software to offer cell concentration and viability data with incredible speed, accuracy, and reliability. The LUNA family has a SelectScience Gold Seal of Quality for customer satisfaction. Logos Biosystems is preparing to launch the newest member of the LUNA family, the LUNA-FX7 Automated Cell Counter.


About the BCRF

The BCRF is a nonprofit organization committed to achieving prevention and a cure for breast cancer and provides critical funding for cancer research worldwide to fuel advances in tumor biology, genetics, prevention, treatment, metastasis and survivorship. In 2019-2020, BCRF will award $66 million in annual grants to nearly 275 scientists from top universities and medical institutions around the globe.