Receive FREE objective lenses with purchase of the CELENA S.


Quality Digital Imaging & Data Analysis All in One System



Straight from the benchtop and out of the dark room, enjoy the simple, powerful, and easy to use digital imaging system for capturing publication-quality fluorescence, brightfield, and phase contrast images.

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*The CELENA S starter kit consists of 3 LED filter cubes (1-GFP, 1-RFP, 1-DAPI) and 4 objective lenses (1-4x, 1-10x, 1-20x, and 1-40x). Offer Valid from September 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020. Offer is valid for 3 free TC PlanAchro PH lenses (1-10x, 1-20x and 1-40x) with the purchase of the CELENA S imaging system with starter kit (Cat# CS20002) .