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Trypan Blue Stain, 0.4%

Trypan Blue Stain is a vital dye used to assess cell viability. Viable cells have intact cell membranes and are not stained, remaining colorless. Nonviable cells are stained blue. Trypan Blue Stain is used with the LUNA™ family of cell counters for brightfield cell counting.

Compatible Instruments
LUNA-II™ Automated Cell Counter
LUNA-FL™ Automated Cell Counter
LUNA-FX7™ Automated Cell Counter
CELENA® S Digital Imaging System


Molecular formulaC34H28N6O14S4
Molecular weight872.88 g/mol
AppearanceDark blue liquid
Cell permeabilityCell membrane impermeable
StorageRoom temperature


Ordering Information

Cat #DescriptionQty
T13001Trypan Blue Stain 0.4%2 x 1 mL
T13011Trypan Blue Stain, 0.4%, Sterile-filtered2 x 1 mL