Advanced imaging solutions
for research excellence

Aligned Genetics is a global leader in cellular imaging and biomolecular analysis. We are dedicated to improving human health by ‘seeing beyond the cell’. Since 2010, its predecessor Logos Biosystems, has pushed the boundaries of research and discovery with its award-winning life science solutions. The impact of these high-quality products can be seen in life sciences, neurology, cell biology, bioprocessing, oncology, agriculture, environmental sciences and many other areas of research. It is this level of quality that Logos Biosystems earned the support and respect of scientists and researchers around the globe.

Aligned Genetics is comprised of two divisions. One division for basic research solutions and a separate division for molecular diagnostic solutions.

Logos Biosystems is a biotechnology brand dedicated to developing simple, smart imaging solutions that help scientists achieve their research goals. We work with real scientists to provide you with the high-quality, affordable imaging solutions you need.

Automated cell counting
Powerful tech and image-based cell detection softwarefor automated cell counting
Digital cell imaging
Publication-quality brightfield,phase contrast, and fluorescence imaging on your benchtop
Tissue clearing 3D imaging
Systems and reagents for rapid,consistent, and reproducible tissue clearing and 3D imaging
Today, our products are in leading research institutions worldwide, helping to streamline workflow, boost productivity, and facilitate research reproducibility. We are headquartered in South Korea, with offices in the United States and France. We have dedicated distributors around the globe. Find the distributor nearest you.