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X-CLARITY™ Polymerization Initiator

The X-CLARITY™ Polymerization Initiator is a thermal free radical initiator also known as VA-044. VA-044 is relatively stable at room temperature but undergoes rapid hemolytic decomposition when heated in aqueous solution, releasing cationic free radicals that initiate the polymerization of hydrogel monomers

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X-CLARITY™ Tissue Clearing System

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X-CLARITYTM Polymerization Initiator
Molecular formulaC12H22N6· 2HCl
Molecular weight323.33 g/mol
AppearancePale yellow powder
10-hour half-life44°C (in water)


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Cat #DescriptionQty
C1310XX-CLARITY™ Hydrogel Solution Kit1 box
 – X-CLARITY™ Hydrogel Solution (1 L)
 – X-CLARITY™ Polymerization Initiator (2.5 g)
C13103X-CLARITY™ Hydrogel Solution1 L
C13104 X-CLARITY™ Polymerization Initiator2.5 g