Logos Biosystems Releases the CELENA® S Digital Imaging System, an Advanced Imaging Workflow Solution

April 20, 2017


Logos Biosystems announced the launch of the new CELENA® S Digital Imaging System with an onstage incubator. The multipurpose CELENA® S is designed to simplify high-resolution fluorescence, brightfield, and phase contrast imaging for novices and experts alike.

CELENA® S Digital Imaging System


The CELENA® S Digital Imaging System is a fully integrated digital imaging system that incorporates an inverted microscope, a high sensitivity CMOS camera, LED light sources, fluorescence filters, a computer, and image capture and analysis software into one device. With interchangeable objectives and LED filter cubes, the CELENA® S can accommodate a wide range of fluorescence and brightfield applications. The intuitive software makes sophisticated imaging simple, such as time lapse imaging, Z-stack imaging, and image-based automated cell counting.


Primary mouse cortical neuron culture labeled for MAP2. Imaged at 20X with the CELENA S.


An onstage incubation system provides the option to precisely control the environmental temperature, humidity, and gas content to cells for sensitive live cell imaging.


“The best thing about the CELENA S is the image quality. We can use it for quick screening or for data collection and in both cases get sharp, detailed images. Our researchers learned to get high quality images in a few minutes, which is great compared to the hours of training and practice it takes to learn on a traditional setup.”

– Jason Lee, AmtixBio CEO


The intuitive software is the core of the system, demonstrating Logos Biosystems’ commitment to providing advanced imaging solutions to support the life science community. Anyone can learn to capture high-quality images on the CELENA® S without extensive training.


The CELENA® S Digital Imaging System is for research use only and not intended for diagnostic procedures.