Logos Biosystems CEO’s Interview with SelectScience® on the New Product, LUNA-FX7™

March 31, 2020


SelectScience speaks with CEO Neon Jung about how Logos came to develop the ‘ultimate cell counting technology’


Logos Biosystems’ latest cell counting technology has hit the headlines of the global science media.

CEO Neon Jung has been sharing the story behind the new LUNA-FX7™ with leading science technology publisher SelectScience®.

In a compelling interview, Jung discusses the common cell counting challenges holding scientists back and explains why the new LUNA-FX7™ will be a game changer for the industry.

Since Jung founded the company in 2008 and commercialized the first automated cell counter, LUNA™, in 2012, it has been Logos Biosystems’ mission to develop high-quality, easy-to-use, and innovative instruments for biologists around the globe.

“Our team redesigned the automated cell counter, so that it can truly compete with manual methods and, as a result, successfully introduced the LUNA series,” Jung tells SelectScience.

“We wanted to solve the most common issues that many users are facing, such as counting accuracy and autofocus issues. To improve this, we have adopted new technology and counting strategy and launched LUNA-FX7™ to end the debate.”

Jung outlines some of the unique advantages of the LUNA-FX7™, as well as highlighting its particular suitability for industries such as pharmaceuticals and GMP facilities due to it meeting very strict QC, validation, and security standards.

The interview also touches on the many positive reviews the Luna series has received on SelectScience from scientists around the world, leading to it winning a Gold Seal of Quality from the independent publisher within a year, as well as Logos Biosystems’ long-term aim of becoming a company with high social responsibility.

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