LUNA™ Love Photo Contest

How to Enter

To enter the LUNA™ Love Photo Contest follow these easy steps:
1. Take a photo displaying your LUNA™ automated cell counter by Logos Biosystems with one or more lab members displaying their ‘LUNA™ Love’ by forming a heart shape with both hands.
2. Examples of ‘heart hands’ depicted in the illustration below for a single heart. However, if more than one person is included, a heart shape can be made using several hands to form one, large heart. However, if more than one lab member is included in the photo, it’s only necessary for one person to create the heart shape with their hands.
3. Simply upload your photo (or photos) and email to
LUNA™ family cell counters include the LUNA-II™, LUNA-II™ YF, LUNA-FL™, LUNA-STEM™, and the LUNA-FX7™

Photo Specifications

• All photo entries must be high resolution files (minimum resolution 2,000 pixels wide)
• Minimum file size: 1.5MB
• Maximum file size: 10MB
• Accepted file formats: .jpeg, .png
*The specifications listed above can be achieved with the use of most current cell phone cameras.

Deadline for submission

• The LUNA™ Love Photo contest begins 01 October 2022 and ends on 31 December 2022.
• All entries must be received no later than 31 December 2022 at11:59 U.S. EDT. Entry deadlines cannot be extended for any reason.
• Contest winners will be notified with the same email used to enter the LUNA™ Love contest. It is the responsibility of the person submitting the entry (the ‘entrant’) to provide an alternative contact email address if preferred.
• Contest winners will be announced 20 January 2023.


• The entry must be an original creation of the person submitting the entrant.
• The entry must not contain material that violates or infringes another’s rights, including but not limited to privacy, publicity, or intellectual property rights, or constitute copyright infringement.
• The entry must not contain third-party brand names, trademarks, photos, videos, or artwork.
• The entry must be suitable for a family audience and not contain any profanity or offensive content.
• The entrant must have the verbal or written consent of any person(s) included in the photo.

Contest Selection

• There will be a total of six category winners, one honorable mention, and one grand prize winner.
• One grand prize winner will be chosen among the six category winners.
• One honorable mention will be chosen from entries that were not category winners.
• One winner will be chosen from each of the categories:

Loving Automated Cell Counters
Examples: a general lab setting picture with a LUNA™ cell counter, picture of lab tech using a LUNA™ cell counter.
Loving Volume
Examples: picture of lab or core facility with more than 1 LUNA™ cell counter or picture of a LUNA™ cell counter in a lab that also has a different Logos Biosystems system that’s not a LUNA family cell counter (this includes the QUANTOM Tx™, CELENA® X, CELENA®S or the X-CLARITY™ Tissue Clearing System)
Loving Accuracy – Brightfield
Examples: a general lab setting picture with a LUNA™ brightfield cell counter, picture of a lab member using a LUNA™ brightfield cell counter (applies to LUNA-II™ or LUNA™ automated cell counters only).
Loving Accuracy – Fluorescence
Examples: a general lab setting picture with a LUNA™ fluorescence cell counter, picture of a lab member using a LUNA™ fluorescence cell counter (applies to LUNA-FL™ or LUNA-FX7™ automated cell counters only).
Loving Space
Examples: general lab setting photo capturing the small footprint of the LUNA™ cell counter(s) (applies to all LUNA family units)
Loving Compliance
Examples: picture of the LUNA-FX7™ in a bioprocess/GMP facility, a general lab picture of the LUNA-FX7™, incorporating validation slides or 3-channel/8-channel slides in some way (this applies to the LUNA-FX7® only).
The above examples are intended as a guide only and not a requirement of the photo contest

• It is not necessary to designate a specific category for the contest entry. However, all entrants can designate a particular category if they elect.
• Category winners will be chosen through an internal voting process by Logos Biosystems/Aligned Genetics employees. Employees will have a chance to vote on the top three choices for each category. The photo receiving the highest number of votes (in each category) will be deemed the winner of that category. The photo receiving the next highest number of votes (collectively) will win the Honorable Mention award. After category winners have been chosen, another round of voting will be conducted to choose a grand prize winner.
• Prize distribution – Grand prize: Apple iPad Pro (retail value: $799.00), Category Winners: 500 free LUNA™ Cell Counting Slides (retail value: $480.00), Honorable Mention: Gift Bag (retail value: $50.00), Entrants: Each entrant receives a free t-shirt (retail value: $25.00).
• To access the full Terms & Conditions for the LUNA™ Love Photo contest, please click here.