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LUNA™ Imprimante I

LUNA™ Printer and LUNA™ Printer II are compact printers used to print cell counting result quickly. Both printers are connected to the USB port of the instrument, and thermal paper is used as consumables.

Instruments compatibles
LUNA™ Compteur automatique de cellules
LUNA-FL™ Compteur automatique de cellules
LUNA-STEMTM Automated Cell Counter
LUNA-II YF™ Compteur automatique de Levures
LUNA-FX7™ Compteur automatique de cellules
QUANTOM Tx™ Compteur de cellules microbiennes

Printers and Printer Papers Selection Table

InstrumentsImprimante compatiblePapiers d'imprimante
LUNA™ Automated Cell CounterLUNA™ Imprimante ILUNA™ Printer I Paper (P12001)
LUNA-STEM™ Automated Cell Counter
LUNA-FL™ Automated Cell Counter
LUNA-II YF™ Compteur automatique de Levures
QUANTOM Tx™ Microbial Cell Counter
LUNA-FX7™ Compteur automatique de cellulesLUNA Printer IILUNA Printer II Refills, Paper and Ribbon (P17002)



LUNA Printer I
Type d'imprimanteImprimante thermique - rouleau
Papier57.5 mm width (275 prints/6 rolls)
Vitesse d'impression90 mm/sec
Résolution203 dpi
Alimentation100 ~ 250 V, batterie rechargeable


Informations pour commander

Cat #DescriptionQté
P10001LUNA™ Imprimante I1 unité
P12001LUNA™ Printer I Paper (Thermal, 275 prints/ 6rolls)3 X 2 rouleaux
P12002LUNA-II™ Printer Paper (Thermal, 830 prints/ 10rolls)2 x 5 rouleaux
Only for use with the LUNA-II onboard printer
P17001LUNA™ Imprimante II1 unité
P17002LUNA Printer II Refills, Paper and Ribbon (300 prints/roll)2 x 5 rouleaux