Michal Rachalewski

Can’t believe how such a tiny device could be such a powerful device.
I have never expected such extremely high quality with such relatively low price. What amazes me is the fact that products made by other manufacturers are far behind Luna automatic cell counter. I have been looking for some time for a device which would meet my expectations and luckily I was recommended to check Luna. It’s unbelievable how much can you get for so little. It is so easy to use, the touchscreen serves a clear and user friendly menu. For the case of making protocols, you could get a high-resolution photograph of counted cells. Luna itself is so small and I am wondering how the manufacturer was able to produce such powerful tool packed in such a very compact device. Both me and other co-workers are amazed and before choosing Luna we were testing 5 other devices. After a few minutes of testing Luna, we all agreed that we found what we have been looking for.