Matthew Crawford

Accurate results, easy to use, great sales and follow up support.
We purchased the Logos Biosystems LUNA-FL cell counter to quantitate human T lymphocytes and other cell types. This was early 2020, so most everything was shut down due to the pandemic, but we needed a good cell counter for SARS-CoV-2 research. To test if the instrument would meet our needs, Logos shipped us a demo to try out. The machine is very easy to use, accurate, and provides lots of supplemental data beyond just cell number. The LUNA-FL cost a bit more than some comparable counters, but less than others. The sales support and flexibility was what really stood out and sold our lab. The disposable slides can get expensive when performing many counts, but that’s a common refrain for most counters. To save on the costs of consumables, I recommend buying straight from Logos; reusable slides also exist. All-in-all, this instrument, and the support behind it, have met our lab’s needs well. We’re happy and without complaints.