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LED Filter Cubes

CELENA® LED Filter Cubes are integrated illumination system composed of LED light source and high performance optical filters. These LED Filter Cubes provide long lifetime (more than 50,000 hours), minimal maintenance, and exceptional reliability. The CELENA® S and CELENA® X Imaging System Provides 12 interchangeable LED Filter Cubes. Custom LED Filter Cubes are available upon request.

Compatible Instruments
CELENA® S Digital Imaging System
CELENA® X High Content Imaging System

Ordering Information

Cat #DescriptionExcitation (nm)Emission (nm)Qty
CELENA® SI10101DAPI375/28460/501 unit
I10102EGFP470/30530/501 unit
I10103RFP530/40605/551 unit
I10104mCherry580/25645/751 unit
I10105ECFP436/20480/401 unit
I10106EYFP500/20535/301 unit
I10107DSRed530/40620/601 unit
I10108Cy5620/60700/751 unit
I10109Cy7710/75810/901 unit
I10110Cy3/TRITC Long Pass530/40570 lp*1 unit
I10111GFP Long Pass470/40500 lp*1 unit
I10112Cy5 Long Pass620/60665 lp*1 unit
I10113Custom Filterscontact uscontact us1 unit
CELENA® XI10130DAPI395/25460/501 unit
I10131EGFP470/30530/501 unit
I10132RFP530/40605/551 unit
I10133mCherry580/25645/751 unit
I10134ECFP436/20480/401 unit
I10135EYFP500/20535/301 unit
I10136DSRed530/40620/601 unit
I10137Cy5620/60700/751 unit
I10138Cy7710/75810/901 unit
I10139Cy3/TRITC Long Pass530/40570 lp*1 unit
I10140GFP Long Pass470/40500 lp*1 unit
I10141Cy5 Long Pass620/60665 lp*1 unit
I10142Custom Filterscontact uscontact us1 unit

*longpass = passe-long