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The disposable PhotonSlides™ are made with optical quality materials with ultra-low autofluorescence to allow for optimal fluorescence detection. PhotonSlides™ maintain the highest standard of cell counting accuracy and offer the ultimate counting experience with no mess or cleanup. PhotonSlides™ are for fluorescence cell counting with the automated fluorescence cell counters of the LUNA™ family.

Compatible Instruments
LUNA-FL™ Automated Cell Counter (for fluorescence cell counting)
LUNA-STEM™ Automated Cell Counter
LUNA-II YF™ Automated Yeast Cell Counter
LUNA-FX7™ Automated Cell Counter (for fluorescence cell counting)


MaterialPoly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA)
Dimensions (W x D x H)75 mm x 25 mm x 2.3 mm
Chamber depth0.1 mm
Loading volume10 uL


Ordering Information

Cat #DescriptionQty
L12005PhotonSlide™, 50 Slides1 box
L12006PhotonSlide™, 500 Slides10 boxes
L12007PhotonSlide™, 1000 Slides20 boxes