Logos Biosystems to License “Clarity™” Technology from Stanford University


A novel tissue clearing technology allows researchers to obtain optically transparent and macromolecular permeable brain tissue.

Logos Biosystems to License “Clarity™” Technology from Stanford University Anyang, Korea, South, November 21, 2014(PR.com) Innovative technology provides big potential for breakthroughs in brain mapping research.


Licensing agreement is the first step for Logos Biosystems to generate the world’s first commercial instrument for the Clarity technology.


Logos Biosystems, a leading developer of various cellular imaging instruments for life science research, announced that it has entered into an agreement with Stanford University in order to access to the intellectual properties for the Clarity™ technology.


Clarity™, created by Professor Karl Deisseroth and his team at Stanford, is a breakthrough technology, published in Nature on April 10, 2013, to make mouse brain transparent by using hydrogel and SDS, which remove neural lipids that normally block the passage of light (Chung K et al. Nature http://dx.doi.org/10.1038/nature12107; 2013).


“Logos Biosystems has been providing innovative research instruments to biomedical and life science researchers and now is committed to offer the world’s first commercial instrument for Clarity™ which will contribute to brain mapping-related projects around the world,” commented Dr. Neon Jung, CEO of Logos Biosystems.


*Note: Clarity™ is the trademark of Stanford University.



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