Cell-a-brate this summer with free slides.

Summer is finally here & it’s time to cell-a-brate!

For a limited time, Logos Biosystems is offering free slides* with the purchase of a LUNA-II™, LUNA-FL™ or LUNA-FX7™ automated cell counter.

Already a customer? Stock up and save! Enjoy 25% off the purchase of slides and reagents.

Nothing says summer cell-a-bration like free slides.

Need a budgetary quote for consumables? For a cell counter?

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Contacts: info-usa@logosbio.com / sales@logosbio.com

• Offer valid only in the United States (U.S.).
• Offer valid from July 1, 2023, through August 31, 2023.
• Consumables’ 25% discount applies to consumables only and cannot be combined with any existing discount offers. Exclusions Apply.

Free Slides offer details:
– Purchase a LUNA-II™ automated cell counter and receive 2 (two) boxes* of LUNA™ cell counting slides (Cat# L12001).
– Purchase a LUNA-FL™ and receive 2 (two) boxes* of photon slides(Cat# L12005) or choose 1 (one) box* of LUNA™ cell counting slides (Cat# L12001) and 1 (one) box* photon slides (Cat# L12005).
– Purchase a LUNA-FX7™ and receive 2 (two) boxes* of photon slides and your choice of 1 (one) box of 3-channel slides** (Cat# L72021) or 1 (one) box of 8-channel slides*** (Cat# L72001).

*One box equals 50 (fifty) slides/100 (one hundred) counts.
**One box equals 50 (fifty) 3-channel slides.
***One box equals 50 (fifty) 8-channel slides.

Consumables Discount offer details:
– The 25% discount is applicable for consumables used with the LUNAII™, LUNA-FL™, or LUNA-FX7™ (the ‘LUNA™ family’) only. Visit
https://www.fda.gov/regulatory-information/search-fda-guidance-documents/part-11-electronic-records-electronic-signatures-scope-and-application https://shop.logosbio.com/collections/cell-counting to see a list of cell-counting related consumables.
– The 25% discount cannot be applied to equipment (hardware/software) purchases.
– The 25% off discount will be automatically deducted using code SUMMER23 when using the Logos Biosystems online store (
– Quotes for consumables reflecting the 25% discount may be requested by contacting a local Logos Biosystems representative or by visiting

For a complete list of consumables offered in the Summer Cell-a-bration promotion click here.

Please contact info-usa@logosbio.com / sales@logosbio.comwith any questions.

Logos Biosystems/Aligned Genetics reserves the right to alter this offer at its discretion and without notice.