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Cell Dilution Buffer II

Cell Dilution Buffer II is used to dilute suspensions of microbial cells such as yeast and bacteria prior to staining with membrane permeable dyes. Cell Dilution Buffer II increases cell membrane permeability to improve dye uptake without significant changes in cell viability.

Compatible Instruments
QUANTOM Tx™ Microbial Cell Counter
LUNA-FL™ Automated Cell Counter
LUNA-II YF™ Automated Yeast Cell Counter
LUNA-FX7™ Automated Cell Counter

Cell Dilution Buffer Selection Table

Cell typesRecommended dilution buffer
YeastCell Dilution Buffer (F23212)
Cell Dilution Buffer II (F53002)
Bacteria (for total cell counting)Cell Dilution Buffer II (F53002)
Bacteria (for viable cell counting)QuantomTM Viable Cell Dilution Buffer



AppearanceClear liquid
Quantity5 x 20 mL
StorageRoom temperature



Ordering Information

Cat #DescriptionQty
F23212Cell Dilution Buffer5 x 20ml