Cell Counting


What if you didn't have to wait days to count bacteria?
The QUANTOM Tx™ Microbial Cell Counter is an image-based, automated cell counter that can detect individual cells. Its novel bacteria-optimized cell detection software can count individual bacterial cells in even the tightest clusters.
Join us to understand how the QUANTOM Tx™ can efficiently count microbial cells in 30 seconds and facilitate your experimental workflow.

Duration Time: 28 min 42 sec


  • Karine Labour, M.S.
  • Karine Labour, M.S.
    Europe Managing Director @Logos Biosystems, part of Aligned Genetics

    Karine has a Master degree in Biological Sciences from University of Montreal in Canada. She has 16 years of Sales and Marketing experience in the Life Science industry. She has been supporting customers in multiple fields including cell biology.