Cell Counting


As the need for accuracy in cell counting becomes more fundamental for advanced research efforts, cell counting techniques and procedures can often times be unreliable and error-prone. SelectScience in partnership with Logos Biosystems, invites you to join Dr. Carrie Haslam, PhD, Associate Editor, SelectScience and Karine Labour, EU Managing Director, Logos Biosystems for a webinar presentation entitled,
'Why are new standards in cell counting needed for accurate results?'

Monday,October 25, 2021
•10:00 EDT / 7:00 PDT


  • Karine Labour, M.S.
  • Karine Labour, M.S.
    Europe Managing Director, Logos Biosystems, part of Aligned Genetics
  • Dr. Carrie Haslam
  • Dr. Carrie Haslam
    Associate Editor, SelectScience