X-CLARITY™ Hydrogel Solution Kit


The X-CLARITY™ Hydrogel Solution Kit is a pre-tested hydrogel solution for uniform and consistent tissue-hydrogel hybridization. The kit is composed of the X-CLARITY™ Hydrogel Solution and the X-CLARITY™ Polymerization Initiator.

X-CLARITY™ Hydrogel Solution is an acrylamide-based solution used to create polyacrylamide, a chemically inert and electrically neutral gel matrix. The X-CLARITY™ Hydrogel Solution contains no bis-acrylamide or paraformaldehyde.

X-CLARITY™ Hydrogel Solution
Product identity 4% acrylamide solution
Molecular formula C3H5NO
Molecular weight 71.08 g/mol
Appearance Clear liquid
Quantity 1 x 1 L
Storage 4°C in the dark

X-CLARITY™ Polymerization Initiator is a thermal free radical initiator also known as VA-044. VA-044 is relatively stable at room temperature but undergoes rapid hemolytic decomposition when heated in aqueous solution, releasing cationic free radicals that initiate the polymerization of hydrogel monomers.

X-CLARITY™ Polymerization Initiator
Molecular formula C12H22N6· 2HCl
Molecular weight 323.33 g/mol
Appearance Pale yellow powder
10-hour half-life 44°C (in water)
Quantity 1 x 2.5 g
Storage 4°C

This product is for research use only. Please consult the material safety data sheet for information regarding hazards and safe handling practices.
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