Buy an Award Winning LUNA-FX7™ and Receive 4 FREE boxes of slides.


A down-to-earth deal for an out-of-this-world machine.


The most robust cell counter in the LUNA™ family, the LUNA-FX7™ has advanced optics, increased volume capacity,
and unmatched accuracy it's no surprise that it's a Platinum Seal of Quality Award Winner.
For a limited time, receive 2 FREE boxes of PhotonSlide™ and 2 FREE boxes of LUNA™ 3- or 8-Channel Slides
with the purchase of a LUNA-FX7™.


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*Offer valid through September 30, 2021. Box of PhotonSlide™ includes 50 slides which equals 100 counts, Box of LUNA™ 3-Channel Slides includes 50 slides which equals 150 counts,
and Box of LUNA™ 8-Channel Slides includes 50 slides which equals 400 counts..