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    [The X-CLARITY] has actually been fundamental to the Data Brain Project because without being able to clear tissues of the lipids, we wouldn’t be able to image deep into brains. So we wouldn’t be able to extract that structural information that is so important to understand the function of mammalian brains. It’s been a huge advantage and a great leap forward in imaging.
    Arti Ahluwalia, PhD
    Centro E Piaggio | University of Pisa
    I work mainly on ischemia-reperfusion syndrome. Because we work at a hospital, our main aim is to understand the pathology and then find new targets to help heal patients subjected to this syndrome. What we want to understand is what is happening in the cells - in all cardiac cells - that could lead to failure at the organ level. We've got to be able to label and report the expression in the organ. Thanks to X-CLARITY, we now have access to the three dimensions of the whole heart organ.
    Gabriel Bidaux, PhD
    We use many different kinds of models for studying spinal cord injury. We have projects that look at the mechanism of locomotion and how to restore this mechanism after an injury. The X-CLARITY system helps us understand how the network reorganizes after injury. The X-CLARITY allows you to visualize and follow the course of an axon coming from the motor cortex, coming down to the lumbar spinal cord. You can visualize, in 3D, the course of single or several axons when they go around the lesion for example. This is extremely useful for our work, to see how a network gets reorganized after an injury.
    Quentin Barraud, PhD
    At Sierra Stem Cell Institute, we provide regenerative injection treatments for orthopedic and other musculoskeletal conditions, utilizing PRP and stem cell preparations from bone marrow and lipoaspirate. Knowing the cell count, and viability of our preparations, at the point of care became very important. The measuring process also needed to be easy implement, simple to perform, and cost effective. The LUNA-STEM proved an excellent solution to our needs and performed beyond expectations. I highly recommend this technology to any clinic providing these services.
    Andrew C. Wesely, MD
    Sierra Stem Cell Institute
    The QUANTOM Tx is extremely user-friendly with a beautiful, intuitive interface. The entire process from start to finish is very quick, so we were able to gather a lot of data in a short amount of time. We mastered the staining protocol very quickly, and even the more inexperienced members of our research group were able to use the machine properly with ease. We were blown away by the quality of the images we received, even in mixed cultures of bacteria gathered from various biological samples!
    Laila Phillips
    Sinai Hospital Division of Gastroenterology
    We do a lot of imaging of primary neuronal cultures in our lab to study the cellular and molecular basis of circadian rhythm and the CELENA S has made a significant difference to our workflow. Being able to image or even quickly scan our samples directly in our own lab has been amazing. The CELENA S is highly sensitive to fluorescence signals, so has been an excellent solution to our needs. I highly recommend this product to anyone who does a lot of fluorescence cell imaging.
    Gi Hoon Son, PhD
    Korea University College of Medicine
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  • Subepithelial telocytes are an important source of Wnts that supports intestinal crypts
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  • Cyclooxygenase-2 expression is induced by celecoxib treatment in lung cancer cells and is transferred to neighbor cells via exosomes
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  • 78 Mito-TEMPO, a scavenger for mitochondria-derived reactive oxygen species, enhances porcine pre-implantation embryo development
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  • LUNA-FL™
  • High-Throughput Single-Cell Derived Sphere Formation for Cancer Stem-Like Cell Identification and Analysis
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  • LUNA-II™
  • Inflammatory genes TNFα and IL6 display no signs of increased H3K4me3 in circulating monocytes from u ntreated rheumatoid arthritis patients
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